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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

New Year, New School, Same Me

I am starting my sixteenth year in education!!! I am very excited to be starting in a new school district. This year I will be teaching Geometry, Pre-AP Geometry, and Algebra II.

It took a lot of work to move out of my old classroom (that I had occupied for fifteen years) and into my new room. I went up to my new school several times throughout the summer to unpack, get organized and set-up for the new year.

I have had a lot of compliments on my room. So I thought I would share. I am also going to add links to anything I have purchased or created (if you are interested).

Our district theme this year is 20/20 Vision. We want our students to be clearly focused. We want them to elevate their knowledge, engage in instruction and be empowered!

This is the view as students walk in the door.

The student point of view. The projector is on the right side of the board. In the middle I have a poster of our bell schedule, today's date, a digital clock above, my pencil sign out system, and clips for any papers that are turned in without a name.

On the right side of the room I have the weekly schedule created with magnetic strips. Below I will put anchor charts or word wall posters for each subject. On the right side I have my phone pockets and charging station. If their phones are plugged in and in the pocket, they are not on them while I'm teaching! Win - Win!

The back of the classroom has my bookshelf for textbooks and trays for return papers. The posters on the back wall have inspirational messages and math puns!

I already had everything Geometry in green and Algebra 2 in blue. Then my textbooks were dropped off. It worked out perfectly! If they would have been different colors I probably would have lost my mind. I guess I'm psychic... or maybe just lucky!

My desk is in the far corner. You can see a drawer organizer and a couple of utility carts.

Math nerd alert. Most of the decor on the right side of the room is about PI. Not pie, but PI (3.141592...). I have some student made artwork, fun pictures, craft projects, and even a CR 314 street sign ( I can't tell you how excited I was to find that. Not only the 314, but my initials "CR"). My view outside the window isn't the greatest, but I can see the sky when I want to.

My podium and chair are on the right side, but I can move around when I need to.

In this bookcase I have fun books about math, MC Escher, books for dummies, and some old math textbooks from the early 1900's. I have a file box on top that students can pick up their work from when they are absent. The green drawer organizer houses any supplies the students might need.

Here are a few detail pictures for fun!

Thanks for visiting my new room! I hope you have a great start to your school year!!!