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Friday, June 30, 2017

Mendel & His Peas Foldable

I love Mendel, but truthfully, there is not much that students have to know about him.  However, for many genetics problems, the students are expected to know the genotypes and phenotypes of Mendel's peas.

So this is the inside of the foldable.   There is space for the students to write in the genotypes and phenotypes for the recessive and dominant traits for each character.  There is also space for the students to write why Mendel used peas.  And they can color.

The outside is very simple, with just the characters or titles but can still be colored.  

It is important to run double sided copies of these two pages.  And I learned the hard way that copies don't come out perfect and lines on the fronts and backs don't line up sometimes.  So I have removed all the fold and cut lines from the front ... trust me.   You need to have the students Fold First Then Cut. While looking at the side with the drawings, fold the left and right edges to the center line (so you are covering the drawings with the corresponding titles.  Then open the page and cut the dotted lines to the fold.  Then they can fill in the information, color and glue it into notes or notebooks.   

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