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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

DEVOLSON: Teacher-Brain

Devolson* has reared its ugly head again, and I hope today is the worst it gets.

Have you heard of pregnancy-brain, it causes pregnant women to forget everything.  I say there is also a condition in DEVOLSON called "teacher-brain."  Consider the following story as evidence:

Today I forgot my phone number.  Not like I had to think about it ... not like I had to close my eyes and pretend to be typing it in to an imaginary phone (I do that every time I'm asked for it).  Nope, today I made up a new number and thought is was mine.  Then I emailed it to 4 different people. Just before I hit send on the 5th email I realized "that is not my phone number."  I took an area code that is not mine, then my area code, 4then my last 4 digits ...

Then the best part... emailing people and letting them know that I forgot my number and here is my real number ...

Welcome Devolson.

Thankfully Chonte' and I have a comp day tomorrow.

*If you are unfamiliar with the term DEVOLSON you must immediately read the entirity of the blog Love, Teach.