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Friday, October 21, 2016

Cell Transport & Tonicity Doodle Notes

I am amazed by what some teachers can create.  This year I have thrown the old Interactive Science Notebook format (A&B sides) out the window and the students and I are creating foldables, graphic organizers, sketch notes (completely their own ideas) and doodle notes (my ideas).  We are using color everywhere.  We are cutting, folding, pasting and coloring.  It is a nice change of pace.  It is rough.  Some days don't go as planned ... it is worth it.

So I gave the students a handout for Cell Transport and Tonicity ... and we filled in notes and drawings from the power point.  This took FOREVER (I apologize for every who is cap sensitive), for two reasons.  One, we had never done this before (aka it always takes longer the first time), the students had to try to think about color, spacing and the content at the same time.  Apparently it was just the one thing ... or I forgot the other.  How I solved the problem.  I added more words.  It is not perfect.  It will be after next year.

Do you do things like this?  I was inspired by Math Giraffe.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this idea. I was wondering how you get the information to your kids. Do you use PowerPoint? Do they color on their own or as you go? I'm using interactive notebooks this year and I just love these graphics!

    1. I do work from a PowerPoint to give the kiddos the information. We draw together (I put it on the interactive white board) and they can color as I go (if they fill in blanks quickly) or when we are done (depends on the class and the kids).

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