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Friday, October 7, 2016

A Modified Love Letter to Google Classroom

So I am one of those teachers who hears about "the next big thing" every summer and spends weeks trying to figure out how it can be implemented in my classroom. Then, when school actually begins one of two things happen, 1. I usually jump off the bandwagon and teach with my tried and true methods, or 2. I modify the tool to fit my needs.

This year, my school is pushing all of us to use Google Classroom, and I LOVE IT! The flipped classroom has been "the thing" for several years, and I tried my hand at it but I couldn't seem to make it feel like me; it never felt authentic, so I left it behind. Well, Google Classroom has brought the flipped classroom back to me, and it is a game changer! I have typed notes on Google classroom that students complete at home. When they come to class notes get stamped for completion. The class discusses notes and adds information if needed. This frees up time for group activities, videos, and assignment are now done during class time. As with all tools I use, I have modified Google Classroom to serve my needs.

The greatness of Google Classroom: (my top 4)

1. Students can get to their work from any device.
2. Students can collaborate with each other and the teacher.
3. Students can set notifications for updates in any class.
4. Students can take notes at their own pace.

As with anything, you can find problems, but I am in love so I can only see the good!

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