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Sunday, July 31, 2016

First Day Handouts

Have you checked out our TPT store?  We have uploaded many handouts and forms for the first days of school today!!!   All files are completely editable!  Here are a few:

The Student/Parent Information Sheet.  This form has several questions for the parents about what motivates their children (be ready for the answers of food and money) ... sometimes you will learn thing you need to know that would not have been offered had you not asked.

The Potty Pass.  I gift my students to two trips to the restroom per six weeks.  I use these Potty Passes to keep track.  I copy the passes onto brightly colored cardstock and write the student's name in.  Any time they have to leave during the lesson they bring me their pass and I sign my initials over the box that says "Potty Pass."  When they are are they are out.  I often change a font or add a bioharzard symbol or microscope to be able to differentiate each six weeks at a glance.

High School Syllabus:  I use this same syllabus for all of my classes (Biology, AP Biology and Forensics).  It is easy to customize for your class and it sets your class apart from all the others!!

Copy Me Form:  I tend to be absent minded, so I have come up with a form for copies.  When I print/find something that needs to be copied, I paperclip this form to it, and put it under my to-do list, and write the copy on my to do list (in a perfect world).  This way when it is time to run copies, I don't have to spend time trying to figure out what I did with those copies ... 

Stacy is hoping to be able to buy Tieks :)