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Friday, December 18, 2015

Why would someone give you a squirrel?

When I showed up to work this morning I found this lovely squirrel on my desk.  I have always wanted a squirrel for my Christmas tree, because I love National Lampoons Christmas Vacation a little too much.  So my thought was, "Wow, how did she know."

Later I thanked her for my squirrel, and she said, "Evey time I see a squirrel I think of you."  This is odd ... Even from the squirrel-sweater lady (another story for another day). So, of course I asked why, and she reminded me of a story I haven't thought of in a while.

One year I had a very unruly student (just that one test ... and just one student ... yeah, right ... anyway) and when he was misbehaving one day I was staring at home, and he asked me "why are you staring at me like a squirrel?"

To this day I do not know if I am the squirrel or if he is the squirrel ... 

Merry Christmas.

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