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Friday, December 18, 2015

Why would someone give you a squirrel?

When I showed up to work this morning I found this lovely squirrel on my desk.  I have always wanted a squirrel for my Christmas tree, because I love National Lampoons Christmas Vacation a little too much.  So my thought was, "Wow, how did she know."

Later I thanked her for my squirrel, and she said, "Evey time I see a squirrel I think of you."  This is odd ... Even from the squirrel-sweater lady (another story for another day). So, of course I asked why, and she reminded me of a story I haven't thought of in a while.

One year I had a very unruly student (just that one test ... and just one student ... yeah, right ... anyway) and when he was misbehaving one day I was staring at home, and he asked me "why are you staring at me like a squirrel?"

To this day I do not know if I am the squirrel or if he is the squirrel ... 

Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

High School Teachers Are Competitive!

As part of our Christmas Cheer Week the teachers had two contests, ugly sweater and door decorating.  I am not posting pics of the sweaters because I didn't ask teachers permission for posting their pictures.  

So here are the lovely doors ...

All of this in hopes of getting a jeans pass.  Mine is the bottom left, and the light aren't on in the picture ...

Here a better pic.  So if you know of any help for my crafting obsession please let me know.