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Monday, November 9, 2015

If Teachers Were Rock Stars

I love hearing stories of how rock stars or movie stars have crazy requests like having green M&Ms.  So I was thinking what would teachers requests be?  So, I made list and asked my friends.  Here is what we came up with.  The is a wide range in the craziness of the requests.

Being able to take off when I'm sick.

Having Vin Disel or Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)  as motivational speaker during the first week of inservice ... or any day. Or to read power point slides to us instead of the presenters who will do that anyway :)

Having a room next to my friend.

A Fountain Drink machine with good ice (smaller is better) and Diet Coke.

Personal chef

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

More money for resources (budget money)

Wine about it Wednesdays (after hours, of course) social hour - wine optional

To be able to send documents directly to the copy machine again ...

A throne as a chair

Printer for printing posters & good laminator

No morning duty

Personal masseuse

A slushy machine full of my favorite caffeinated beverage (spark)

Mid-day Yoga Class

More money (only one out of 10 teachers I asked mentioned money)

Panda express ... with all the veggies picked out

Support from administation

Ice water

No teenagers :)

Gourmet coffee or hot herbal tea delivered during my conference period

Front row parking

Margarita Mondays or Fridays

The room be disinfected between every class

Be escorted to the restroom in the busy halls

Calming oils rubbed on my temples at 10,2 and 4 o'clock

Unlimited copies

Chick-fil-a nugget tray

71 degree room

Vanilla Coke from Sonic

Wifi and Cable TV

Personal hair stylist

Hour long lunch once a week or even once a month

I want to be able to bring my cat with me and expect someone to take care of her


Tables cleaned with bleach daily

Cap classes at 20 students

My coffee prepared precisely the way I like it

Two conference periods

Faster internet

Private bathrooms in every class (I can think of a downfall here)

Starbucks delivered every morning and Blue Bell delivered every afternoon

An ice machine with really fine ice in my room

Quiet time

A work room that is separate from the teacher lunch room and separate from the conference room

And the most popular by far:  Having a personal assistant was a very popular request.  Several different reasons were listed:

To talk to the people I don't want to talk to

To help me find my keys and phone

To finish all the projects I begin but never finish 

And  the best thought out plan:

A personal assistant prepared at the door to hand me my coffee.  A personal massage before the students arrive.  The personal assistant will be prepared to watch the students for minutes of reflection, lemon water or bathroom breaks.  By 10:15  the mimosas will be ready.  I would have an hour and a half for lunch and   At 2:30, I have my masseuse ready for a foot massage and chiropractic adjustment before having my personal assistant grade my papers.  I would also have two conferences and a PLC assistant.  I don't need to attend that stuff, I'm too busy using my genious brain to create lessons

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