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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

This week we had a contest for the teachers to bring in a pumpkin they decorated and the students voted.  Everyone did amazing pumpkins but one was worth a blog post.  This pumpkin did not win, but if the teachers were voting it would have ...and nope, it's not my pumpkin, but I love it so much I told the creator I was blogging about it.

So this pumpkins theme "Things you'll never hear a teacher say". 

I took a closer-up pic in hopes of being able to read them more easily.  A few of my favorites:

"Turn up the volume people."

"Don't you just love standardized testing."

"Just watch the movie. It is the same as the book."

"Observations are a very realistic reflection of the day-to-day reality of this class."

""I hope this day never ends."

"I tell you what, it just gets easier every year."

"Keep your cell phones on. I wouldn't want you to miss a call."

"Just keep your head on the desk. I'm sure you need the rest."

"I just love the way we define students by their performance in a narrow set of disciplines."

All of the quotes are good.  And if the teachers had judged Valena definitely would have won. 

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