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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The beginning of DEVOLSON

If you are familiar with the term DEVOLSON (Dark Evil Vortex of Late September, October & November) you have homework tonight: go to Love, Teach and read.

My DEVOLSON officially began with a bad cold, and as most of you would do I went to school anyway.  I regretted the decision all day, but didn't want to put off our first AP lab or my freshmen test that had already been rescheduled due to the homecoming pep rally.  And at the end of the day I graded the tests and found this

And it wasn't alone ...

It never occurred to me to teach the kids how to fill in an answer sheet, so I guess that is another teacher-fail for me.

I did have a couple of kids ask, which I don't remember ever happening before ...  last year Was the year of children using pen on the grade forms ...

So, apparently I am going to have to teach how to fill out an answer form next year.  

Unlike you I did give up and get a sub for today, but not because of DEVOLSON. Now, go do your homework and read about DEVOLSON.

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