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Friday, September 11, 2015

Organization is Essential!

I have quickly learned that good organizational skills can make a world of difference! Here are a few forms I've created to keep my students and myself organized this year!

The picture below is my absent work station. I have a folder for each day of the week. At the end of each day, I place the work from that day in the folder. This makes it easy for the student to come grab their work without me having to find what they missed and remind them. My students know they are responsible for getting their missed work. This makes it an easy system for all of us!

The following filing tub has been a life-saver this year! I have an individual folder for each of my students. This is where they keep important information that is kept in the folder, inside my room at all times. These folders are wonderful when it comes time to attend a parent meeting! I have all the information I need to know about the student in their folder, so it is the perfect thing to assist me in parent meetings. 

The first form inside the student folder is a table of contents. This helps the students keep their papers in order so they are easy to find.

The student profile form is a page the students fill out on the first day of school.  This is kept in their folder. 

I also make the students keep track of their own absences and tardies on the following form. This helps to hold them accountable, as well as keep them aware of how much they are missing class. They take tardies a little more seriously when they see how many they have had to log in their folder. 

The following form is a motivation form that the students fill out on the second day of school. I always get a good insight into who they are and what their priorities and interests are from this form. 

The following form is an AR book approval form. The students are required to show me their books before they check them out from the library. I check to make sure the book is in their reading level and contains the required page count before they are allowed to read the book. 

The following form is where the students and I log their AR test information so we can easily keep track of it. This also allows the students to view their test grades at any time. 

I have also down-sized my syllabus this year. I place every AR deadline for the entire year on the syllabus so the parents and students are aware of the deadlines.

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