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Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Calendar - Thanks Silhouette

I have made a few improvements to my three-week calendar.  

You can see my calendar in action here (ignore my to do list & pretend it's complete).  This was taken during the week of staff development.

I started out by trying to give myself a guide line so the days were not too slanted.

Then I folded the vinyl back with the letters sticking up.  And I gently trying to stick the tops to the board then slowly roll the letters on to the board and remove the backing.

I also made a place for reminders.  This allows me to write due dates and reminders and then at the end of the day I send out text reminders using

So I am very happy with my silhouette, and they vinyl letters that make my board so much nicer.  And I can still spray the board with wonder and the letters do not move! Very important detail for my sanity.  

And the toughest part of the project was picking a font and size.  I highly recommend printing the text you want on paper and putting it on the board to try it out!

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