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Saturday, September 19, 2015

History of ... iMovie Project

Wow, what a start to the year.  Is anyone else a little tired?  Yep, me neither.  I know I have shared my Forensics iMovies before.  This year I gave the students less time than I think I ever have before, and not only did they still do a pretty good job, but almost everyone turned in a complete project.

So if you teach a subject where students have to research contributions for a field, or you just have an excess of names to learn this iMovie idea may help you and your students out.  I use this with Forensics and Biology.  The kids each sign up for a scientist (only one kid per class can sign up for each scientist).  This year I gave the students one day to research their scientist.  They needed to find their main contribution to forensic scientist (why they are on the list), and then 9 more facts.  The students needed at least three sources, the book and two websites or three websites.  Almost everyone got all ten facts in the first day.  I told the kids to save pictures and links to the sites they used on the ipads.

And about half of the kids were able to finish their videos done in one day, so I extended the deadline and gave the kiddos another day.  As they finished the videos they emailed the project to me.  I saved them all in a folder and then once I had them all I uploaded them to my YouTube channel which allows the students to show their work off.  I uploaded the videos in a playlist by project and period and left the videos as unlisted at first at least.  I also like to use the YouTube playlist to present because to prevents all the discussions of who goes first, and it just keeps the presentations moving along as quickly as you can.

I have the kids write down the scientist name and what they think the major contribution down, and I supplement this with a list I generated that I expect the students to learn.

Here are a few examples from this year.



These examples will show you how concise the information needs to be.  It shows you a few of the templates available.  I hope this gives you lots of ideas as well as tips for your kiddos.

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