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Friday, August 7, 2015

Class Tour: Up-Cycled Makeover

This is my new view each day as I walk into my room.  The shelf is an old tv stand I had in the garage, I painted it and used fence pickets from our old gate as the  back and sides.  It has never looked better. And those weird sides areperfect for composition book paper.

I bought the picture frames from my favorite Front Porch Finds, painted them and added chicken wire. And they hold pictures that students have given me (mostly senior pictures and graduation announcements).

The clock is from target and my J is from Hobby Lobby, and has recently needed a new home. 

The little table at the corner was honey-colored until I stained and painted it.  And it was a free table my hubby picked up from the curb.

This is a better picture of the table at home.

The frame is another curb find and I added plywood (already in my garage) and painted the plywood with chalkboard paint.  I plan to use this area for my daily quotes or quotes of the week may be more realistic ... or quotes or the month ...

The two benches/shelves are completely new builds. $11 per crate & $12 for the wood for each one. I still want to put 4 casters on each one.  This is where my forensics and biology students will store their composition books.

More up-cycled frames with paint and chicken wire a new IKEA paper holder, and a bulletin board I found got I had. 

I wasn't wanting to use the wire shelving, but don't have a replacement yet. 

Stay tuned for posts with the details for each project as well as more views of my room as I clean, organize and decorate new spaces.

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