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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Parent Contact Form and Student Insight

I have a kiddo in Kindergarten, and it is a completely new world to me.  But between the 15 forms I had to fill out for kindergarten and the professional development I sat through, I came up with a new form to send home for my high school kids.  Why now ask the parents to help me decipher their kids, they know their kids.

I asked questions like, " What motivates your students?" and "At what point should I contact you?"  Some parents are funny!  That is an added benefit, it allows you to get an idea what the parents are like too (sense of humor, very involved, etc).

I have added this handout to the TPT store as well.  I had a super cute font, but this version is editable, I may upload a pdf so the font will stick even if you don't have it downloaded on your computer.

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