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Friday, August 14, 2015

High School Math Classroom

I have revamped a few of my organizational items and rearranged a bit. My kids always comment on there being too much green in the room. I don't know what they are talking about... but I try to appeal to my customers. I took a few of the things on my desk and repainted them so it wasn't too much green. What can I say...It's my favorite color, and I love it, and if I see something green at the store I will probably buy it. Plus I'm the one who sits in here all day long and I want to enjoy my space.

So here is a tour of my high school math classroom.

As the students come in the door, there are shelves with crates for each class. Most of my classes will create a binder or composition book and leave it in the room. I put a set of each math textbook on the shelf for math lab (extra tutoring after school on Monday's and Wednesday's open to the entire school).

To the left is my calendar. I saw this 12 years ago when I first started and it is a must in my room. I keep the bell schedule posted so I don't have to answer "When is this class over?" I write out the title of the lesson for the week for each of my classes. This way they know if a quiz or test is coming up or if they were absent they know what they missed. Next to my calendar is my handy dandy calculator holder (aka a shoe rack). I assign each student a number and they use that calculator number in class.

Up front is my teaching table. I have my document camera that I use to work out homework problems and I will sit here with my iPad (or move about the room for fun) to teach. Side Note - I use Doceri to prepare, present, and make videos to post on YouTube. I love it!

Next to my teaching table is my Ikea shelving unit. I used it last year for their binders, but decided to put my nick-knacks and tiddly-winks on it. I also have some fun math books that I am always lured into buying from the Barnes and Nobles bargain section. On the right side of the white board are my absent work folders. I try to put worksheet for students here so they know what they missed. I can also write out the names of students that missed a quiz or a test.

Here is my desk and home. The mini-fridge is parked under the table and all my technological devices are ready to go. I try to keep my desk pretty neat and organized. Some days are better than others of course.

This is my workstation for my teacher's aide. We are able to have a senior student help us out for one period of the day. They make copies and grade and cut stuff and whatever my heart desires that I don't want to do. I have been pretty lucky in the aide department and they are always a great help. On the right is my turn-in/pass-out box which is sitting on the student supply cart. I have it loaded with extra paper, rulers, protractors, pencils, markers, and pretty much anything they need.

In this corner are the calculator cabinets and file cabinets for miscellaneous things that need a home.

And finally my tables. I love these tables. It took a little convincing to get them, but I won. Each table was the same price as one desk. And I can fit three kids at each table if I need to. So math wins and I have 10 tables instead of 20-something desks. I love them because they can be rearranged in so many ways...and the kids hate it. You never know what my room is going to look like each day. I like this arrangement because it is a lot like what they will be sitting in at college (college readiness bonus points). If they will be working in small groups, I push two together and have 5 groups. I have also lined them up in long dining room style fashion...that's fun and they are so confused when I rearrange!

So that's the tour of my classroom. I hope you saw something different and maybe you'll change your room up a bit too.

Let me know if you are doing something cool that I am not...I always want the latest and greatest in high school classroom layout and decor!


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