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Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Days of School

I am revamping everything in my first day of class file folder. I think my flashdrive might think it has been abducted by a great teacher who actually changes things from year to year! I have a new “Get to Know You” form, a new syllabus, and a brand new “Things to do” form for this coming school year.

My information sheet is pretty generic, but it does have some fun information on it, so I can see the true personalities of the students in my room.  I love to see the responses to “pick a music lyric that describes you” and “what’s your favorite animal and why”; these questions really let me see a different side of my students.
I have scaled my syllabus down from 4 pages to 1 page this year and I am so excited about it. I created my syllabus in hopes to get the vital information to the students and parents, but not overload them with information all at one time.  The syllabus contains the following headings: my contact information, lesson plan information, materials list, expectations, grading policy and extra credit, flipped classroom information, tutoring times, and my tentative course outline.

I have also created a “Things To Do” sheet for the students. Scaling my syllabus down from 4 pages to 1, some information was cut, but it still needed to get to the students. My “Things to Know” sheet will be handed out the first day, and it just allows students to have an idea of what to expect on any given day. It also allows students to see my expectations of them.  This sheet will be added to students’ notebooks and will be kept all year, so less miscommunication will occur.

I hope everyone’s first day of school goes smoothly!


  1. I would love to have the template to the above items.

  2. Do you sell copies of these forms on TPT?

  3. I am adding these to our TPT store now! Thanks for the interest and thanks for reading. I will be adding the links into the post!

  4. These look amazing and I will incorporate a couple of your ideas in my beginning-of-school information. I will also check out your TpT store! I do NOT intend to nit-pick, but I am an English teacher, so I feel compelled to encourage you to change the spelling of the word "everyday." You want to use "every day." I want you to no that i mak my share of mistaks to! Teaching is a challenge and I'm glad you're here as a friendly and collaborating colleague. Keep on!

    1. Arleta, thanks for the editing, I will try to correct it soon. I promise you we make many mistakes!!!