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Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day of School Reflections - Version:Sandy

As this is year number 10 or 11 for me, I don't expect any day to go perfectly.  But I also have "my act" down enough at this point that I am not overly stressed about the first day.

Crisis #1: I Heard a Velociraptor 

My kid still sounded like a velociraptor when he coughed ... and it was his first day of kindergarten.  He has bad allergies, after antibiotics (for bug bite), breathing treatment and Benadryl I was needing to leave the house to get to school.  My husband was very concerned about the teacher sending the kid to the nurse, and asked me to send an email when I got to school. No problem, I should have time ...

Crisis #2: The Wind

I always wear a skirt on the first day of school (the explanation of why is lengthy enough to be another blog post, and is not important for this story).  The problem with skirts is that there is the likelihood that you might flash someone when the wind blows.  I don't care what other garments you wear under your skirt, you still do not want it blowing up unexpectedly.  So I have developed a system of holding my skirt on particularly windy days.  Unfortunately, I needed to carry on a milk crate of files that had to stay in my vehicle because there was no way to carry them in and hold my skirt. I will wear pants tomorrow.

Crisis #3: The Internet is Down

Seriously?  All of my presentations for the first day of school are on prezi.  So after trying the wifi and not wifi on my phone, I decide I will have to wing it. Thankfully, the Internet was up in time to download all my prezis, just in case it wasn't up long.

Crisis #4: It's Hot in Your Room.

We just got a new computer system to control the air conditioners in the school ...and my room was 81 degrees ...

Crisis #5:  Can you Pass These Out?

I got suckered into helping pass out attendance rosters to some of the teachers.

Crisis #6: I Need Desks

On Friday as I was about to leave I sent a plea out to my fellow teachers for any extra desks they might have.  Fortunately, I have awesome co-workers who responded and offered me desks, and a few even carried some of the desks for me, but it was a scramble with everything else going on.

Crisis #7: Dress Code Violation

I got grabbed by another teacher to find a "kid she saw" with a dress code violatio. "That went that way."  I finally tracked down the kid, who thankful was prepared to change (she knew she was breaking dress code).

Did I mention that this is all before school has started?  I know, you are thinking I should also look up a definition for the word "crisis", but in this case it is more of a feeling ...

So classes start.

Crisis #8: Where is My Phone?

I was having a bit of separation anxiety, my phone and I are pretty tight, and I forgot to take it to lunch with me.  My husband had not sent me pictures of the kid at kindergarten or any word about the cough ...

Crisis #9: I Forgot my Homework!

I forgot to send myself the email that I worked on all day Saturday for one of my classes - so it was super boring.

Crisis #10: Where is That Prezi?

I swear I had a prezi for every syllabus, but apparently I deleted the one for my freshman class ... and I didn't have enough time to re-create one, but we survived ... somehow.  

Crisis #11: My Feet!!!

If you know a shoe manufacturer, I seriously have a million dollar plan/idea.  I have the perfect line of teacher shoes and I know the materials we need, just contact me!  Seriously!  After standing on hard tile floors from 7:30-3:30, my feet want it to be summer again!!

Now after all the overly-dramatic rants, I must say it was a pretty first good day.  I hope you had a great day, and hopefully each day will get progressively better as the year goes on.

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