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Sunday, August 30, 2015

All About Me: Student Interests

The first week of school is always crazy, and I like to have lots of activities.  I want to get to know my students so I have a lengthy All About Me sheet. I refer back to these throughout the year if I feel like a need something to be a common interest for me and a student.

I made this in ppt and  uploaded it to our TPT store (we get $0.30, and you get our documents right away, and this one is completely editable).  Click here to check it out.   

I also have an All About me that I share with my kiddos.  I tell them a bit about my education, and then I answer some of these questions as well.  

I use prezi, so that it is a little more interesting than me just talking.  The only thing I suggest if you are going to use prezi, please download your presentation a few days in advance.  I didn't do this and we had no internet the first day of school at the beginning of the day -- can you say 'panic attack'?  Thankfully the internet was back on just in time for class, but if I had already downloaded it I could have saved myself some stress that first day.

I hope you had or will have a great first week!  And may you have no technology problems!


  1. I watched your Prezi- very informative! What were those bugs at the beginning?

    1. When I was an undergrad I worked for a professor in the bio department. The main research I helped with included digging through jars of preserved bugs looking for those four!

    2. LOL, I was wondering that too. :D
      So, do you talk as you show the pics...or do you pre-record it and put it with the Prezi?

    3. Teacher Mom - I talk as I go through the pictures. The pictures are there to remind me of what I am going to tell the kids!

  2. I want to get to know my students so I have a lengthy All About Me sheet. ielts app for android

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