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Saturday, July 18, 2015

New Syllabus Layout

We have been talking about how to make a syllabus more visually appealing and more interactive.  So we have been talking about just breaking sections into boxes, making an infographic, or even a fill-in-the-blank syllabus.  So we are still working but I wanted to give you a couple of previews of our rough drafts.

 Obviously, this is rough.  I am not loving my fonts, and I would like to draw boxes instead of using the ones available on the computer (because I am a crazy person).  And I am betting (based on past experiences) I will need to draw over my pie chart, legend and add some contrast that will copy when the grays don't copy ... 

Chonte's is much more polished than mine (as usual).  And I am really wanting to steal the idea of a black box with white text.  Considering we will not be printing or copying in color it really is the best way to add contrast to the page.

What do you think?  What would you add?  What did we miss?  


  1. I like the pie chart for grades. I will rethink how I do my syllabus and such more graphically. Thanks

    1. I love the pie chart too! Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. I'd love to hear or see how your syllabus turns out!


  2. I just redid mine this summer too to make them more visual. I found that I needed to fill some space, so added old pictures I have of my students in class. I've been teaching at my school for 6 years, so hopefully the seniors get a kick out of seeing themselves as freshmen or their older siblings.

  3. Just received an email from a teacher asking about the fonts I used on the PreCal Syllabus. I used Rock Salt for the titles and Handlee for the text. You should be able to google and find them for free.

  4. I'm using this format this year. My students keep journals, so they will glue their syllabus-in-brief to the inside of their journal so they can't lose it. I am also making a poster out of it to hang in my classroom.

    I have a traditional syllabus with more details that is provided online, but they will have this one to refer to as needed.