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Monday, July 6, 2015

Carbohydrates Summary Sheet

Summary Sheets have been very popular in our blog posts.  I hope you like this one as well, if not ... I like it and I think my students will benefit from it.  I always like showing you my process (the rough drafts) because I want you to know why I don't share more summary sheets ... it takes me a while to do each one.

Stage 1: messy notes

 Stage 2: cramming all info on one page and working out the spacing

Stage 3: The final version!!

I have two in the works, polymers and lipids should be completed soon.  Then I will start on summary sheets for proteins and nucleic acids.

On my to do list:
cell signaling
evolution & natural selection
and ... maybe genetics next ..

What do your kiddos struggle with?


  1. Sorry if I missed this in a previous post, but how do you use these summary sheets? You obviously put a lot of time and effort into them and they look awesome, just wondering how you use them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great question! I use summary sheets in different ways. Sometimes I use them as posters in my room (this is exactly how I started doing these). Then sometimes I simply copy them and give them to students to supplement their notes (cellular respiration). And sometimes I use them as examples as I ask the students to create their own. We talk a lot about different ways to study, and my students try a lot of different activities so that hopefully they can determine what helps them most. I like having them find something that is more effective than reading their notes....

    Thanks for reading. Because of your great question, I am awarding you our first imaginary gold star! Feel free to put this on your imaginary star chart for everyone to see!

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