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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wanted Posters

This is a project I do with my Forensics kids at the beginning of the school year (before Meet the Teacher).  They love it, administrators love it and parents love it.

We use made up crimes that are school related, and they are supposed to be funny.  I have had students who were wanted for excessive texting, stealing milk, and running over people in the hallway.  The students are encouraged to work together to get pictures of themselves taken, they do that with the iPad.

This is also usually the first iPad project of the year.  The students use Keynote to construct their wanted posters and their school email to turn their project in to me.  This allows them to add Keynote and school gmail to their Technology Toolbox.

I still haven't had kiddos print directly from the iPad yet. Last time that thought occurred in my head there were still a few bugs in the system (it was a while back).  So I have them email me their Keynote as a PowerPoint and I copy and paste them all into one document and change to page size to 8 X 11 and fix the font problems that changing the size caused ... I think I will have them print it themselves this year ...

This might be a cute activity for historical or literary figures as well. I have my kiddos make Superhero Scientist iMovie trailers for our history of scientists.  Stay tuned for a post about that project coming up soon!

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