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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Unpacking and Packing

Do you have to pack up your room at the end of every year?  We do.  We have tile floor and our amazing staff waxes the floors every summer.  But to do this they have to move everything out of our rooms.  I am lucky and can stack books and shelving on the lab tables, other teachers pack their stuff up in plastic tubs so it can be moved easily, some teachers don't have stuff.  Do you have stuff?  I have stuff.

Fortunately we all have closets in our rooms.  So we can pack those to the brim, and mine still has the original lock on it so it is secure.  (This is also where I put cell phones when I have to take them up if I can't take it to the office right away so the angels don't attempt to snag them from my desk).

So this is what my packed closet looked like on Monday. Some of this stays in the closet (most of the clear containers live here, as well as the random shoe boxes), but everything else has to move to it's new home.

Well, I guess instead of blogging about it I should head up to school and see what progress I can make today.

Do you have time the week of inservice to work in your room?  We have one workday (and usually a to do list from the office), but I have recently learned that some schools the teachers have most of the week in their room.  Crazy!

I hope you are ready for school to start, I will be if I get off my couch ...

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