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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Scientist Superheros

Have you seen Scary Mary?

After a half day in-service with the Amazing Fran, I discovered the fun of iMovie trailers.  I had played with iMovie previously, but not with the iMovie trailers.  There are several ready-to-go templates, all you have to do is drop in pictures and video and change the text for your project.

My forensics kids used iMovie to take their research on forensic scientists and present that information to their peers.  As always some projects were sub-par, but some were amazing!  I have included a couple of videos to show the different themes.  This was an experiment, we learned a lot by making these.

Francis Camps Video

 Francis Henry Galton Video

Joseph Bell video

I really like that it is only about one minute per video, which make presentation day go fairly quickly (especially if you are using Reflector ... do you know reflector? ... that may be another post).

To help the kiddos there is a great blog post that has iMovie Storyboard Templates as pdfs - thanks Ben!

Again.  I am here to add to the tech toolbox my kids can use in my class and others.  What kinds of projects do you think your students would want to use iMovie trailers to present?

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