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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Quote/Motivation Wall

After seeing a post like this one (with no real link): 

I decided this could be a great solution for all those quotes I want to use, but don't have room for, or just get busy and forget to change out.  So I have been relaxing on my summer break writing quotes on post-its.  I am keeping them in a binder so I can (hopefully) train my teacher's aide (if I am lucky enough to get one) to put them up each week or so.  I am also going to invite my students to make their own.  

Some quotes are too long or too significant to be limited to a post-it, but I am hoping it look eclectic.  I would also like to take a picture of each of them and possibly project them in PowerPoint that loops during passing periods.  The looping "Daily Show" is one of those great ideas that unfortunately takes more time to make than it is worth at this point (especially because three preps would triple the work for that project as well).

Do you change out quotes in your room?

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