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Monday, August 11, 2014

Getting ready for school to start

It is one week before I head back to professional development, so I am headed to school tomorrow. There is a lot to do in my room before I sit in meetings preparing for the new year.  I love seeing elementary teachers creative bulletin boards, curtains and doors.  I will be updating my syllabi, safety rules and contracts, all-about-me handout, reinforcing my cube organization with zip ties to (hopefully) stand up to freshmen and seniors.

At the end of each year I pack up my room of everything that would be in the way of my floors being refinished and of everything that someone might see as communal supplies that I purchased on my own ...  I need to unpack my closet, put books back into bookshelves, sketch out my new rules poster, put up remind 101 codes, update my website with my new remind 101 phone number (which I got an email about the other day),  send another email about changing my website links on the school website, and take the school supplies I bought (so far) up to the school so my husband doesn't realize how much I bought :).

I have spent the summer working out a preliminary calendar for the entire year for all 3 of my preps, organizing and spacing essays and lab reports so that I can actually grade them before grades are due.  I have read blogs, pinned pins, made quotes, made a to do list to try to keep me on track when I get back in my room.  I wish it were really as simple as the card below shows ...

But I will keep going and pushing myself and my students.  And hopefully I will accomplish my to do list this week so I can spend that one workday doing all the things I have forgotten ...

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