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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classroom Posters

I have lots of posters in my room.  I think Biology is very visual, but maybe I am just very visual.   Plus I figure if a student stares at something long enough maybe it will stick.  I rarely find any posters to buy that seem to show what my kids need, so I make my own.  We reference these posters a lot.  If  I ask questions and they don't know the answers we start looking around the room, or if they have a question and the answer is on the wall, I just start looking around.  Because of this I try to make all writing large enough to see from across the room.


Most of the time I create these on the computer or small sheet of paper then project that to trace it onto the poster board (for proper spacing).  Sometimes I use the computer  (like the hypothesis, theory and law posters).

Some of my poster are what started my idea of Summary Sheets (fitting all of the most important information on one piece of paper).

 What posters do you have?  What should your kids know that they always seem to forget? What posters do you wish you could make, but don't have the time?  What else would stop you from making your own poster?


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