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Monday, August 11, 2014

3 Week Calendar

This pictures is from the end of the year last year.  If you try really hard you can see it says Finals.  I put up a calendar in my room where the students and I can see three weeks at a time (from beginning of grading period to progress reports, then progress reports to report card).  

I have tried to display my calendar in several ways.  Initially I actually bough frames from IKEA and gift wrap then white butcher paper over the gift wrap to make it easier to read.  Unfortunately, it took really strong magnets to hold these up, and they did not always erase well. They also only show one week at a time for each class.

I think I used a poster board next showing the entire six weeks.  I wrote on it with a sharpie then used rubbing alcohol to remove/erase the sharpie at the end of the six weeks.  It also didn't always erase well, and I think it lasted about two six weeks before I moved on.

Then  I used painter's tape and would usually have to redo the tape about halfway through the year.  Then the amazing Chonte' suggested electrical tape, and probably let me use her electrical tape. It lasted all year and is still up and going.  Chonte' only shows one week at a time and each row represents one prep.

I printed the days on the week at the top using a super cool font.  And I even made dates and stuck them up on the board with sticky tack most of the year.  Towards the end of the year I ran out of card stock in the colors I wanted and just gave up and wrote the dates in.  In each square I list my three preps and just a quick agenda of what we are doing so the students and I can quickly see what we are doing and what we have done.  This helps me a lot when kids want to know what we did while they were gone ... it's on the board behind me. (I do have a new makeup work idea to try this year which should help with this, but I think the calendar is still needed.)  

Leave us comments.  We want to learn from you.  How do you display what you are learning?  How do you keep up with make up work?

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