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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Summary Sheets

Biology is a very visual subject.  And I encourage my students to be creative in their interactive notebooks and to make mini-posters (posters on computer paper), and summary sheets (lots of posters all in one).  And sometimes they are great, and sometimes ...but what matters most is the time they spend organizing the information, ranking the information and creating the summary sheet.

This is my first AP student-created summary sheet that is wall-worthy.  She did an excellent job.  I have several that I made that I will include as a separate post later.


  1. I love the idea of summary sheets! Do you have a post with the directions you give to students to create them, and information on how you grade them?

  2. I believe this was part of a larger project. I do have several examples around the room that I made, but I do not have anything written up. I suggest the students choose 10 facts and rank them. Then start with the most important or a visual and make them large, then continue working in order of rank. Maybe I should work on instructions and a rubric ...

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