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Friday, May 16, 2014

Zip Ties

For years I have had wire organizers from Target.  I love them ... but sometimes I hate them.  

I love them because they are cheap, colorful, they can be taken apart to store them at the end of the year, and they even fit below the board.  

But ... sometimes ... they fall apart.  This could be for many reasons.  Sometimes I don't take the time to make sure the corners are perfect.  Sometimes students throw their notebooks in ... Or sit on them, or body slam their friend on them ... in a gentle, loving way. 

But I have solved the poor installation problem.  I reinforce all edges with zip ties!  This idea came after creating a new place for my paper (copy paper, notebook paper, card stock, colored paper and scrapbook paper).  I think I saw the paper storage on Pinterest.  You can add shelves any where you have a horizontal bar to zip tie to the new shelf. I cut the zip ties short once I am done.

Disclaimer: I do tend to make piles of papers on top of my shelving unit.  I am sure you will not do this.  I am sure your room is spotless, and you won't fall into the traps that get me every day!

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