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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Day/Week

If you are thinking of becoming a teacher and are imaging a slew of homemade gifts, baked goodies, a few gift cards, flowers, or anything of the sort ... teach elementary school.  Oh the tales I have heard.  Elementary school children bringing gifts everyday this week.  Lists are sent home with categories of gifts to bring each day, along with lists of the teacher's preferences for each of those categories ...

But we teach high school.  The local grocery store brought in cookies on Tuesday.  The principal brought breakfast today.  The students ... Every teacher got an unsigned thank you card from leadership class or Friends of Rachel (I assume).  And this year I had a kid bring me a Hershey bar.  That's the first time I remember getting a teacher appreciation gift from a student.

Am I really sad?  No.  I have been loving some if the posts from elementary teachers.  If you need a good laugh check out:

To all my fellow high school teachers, happy teacher appreciation.  All your students love you, even if they don't know it!

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