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Friday, April 11, 2014

Sometimes you just need to color

I love making posters and being crafty; it is kind of like therapy.  I love quotes, quiet test days, competition, and colorful posters (or mini-posters), and all of those things are wrapped up in this on piece of paper.
This is one of my favorite quotes.  I worked with an AVID teacher who said this a lot and it has stuck with me, probably because of all those curve balls life seems to throw all of us.  

So once I drew this I scanned it and saved it as a pdf.  Then announce a contest: the top colored-versions of this will be voted on by the teachers, top 3-5 will be put on twitter for the kids to vote on (remember, I teach high school), best one goes up in my room.  You would have thought I offered them money.   Some are very impressive.  They colored these after their test (I don't allow coloring on normal days) ... and I slacked, so maybe next week I will actually get teachers to vote and pictures up. 

But I did finally upload it on TeachersPayTeachers as my first product, and it is a free download.  Check it out here.

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